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Hi,  I just couldn't resist showing you my latest fabric!!  It's "Birdie" by Me & My Sister for Moda Fabrics.  Don't you love the title? You know I love birds….as well as pinks & greens and I've decided to try my hand at making a purse.  I'll show you the fabric and then I'll answer some questions.


Q. How does this relate to stamping & Stampin' Up! ?  A. I'm using Big Shot dies to cut the fabric. The latest die I used was the Top Note Die.

Q.  What am I doing with all the flowers I'm making?  A. Christmas presents, Birthday Presents, Downline Presents, Incentives & I'm wrapping my gifts with Brown wrapping paper and attaching the flowers. 

Q.  Am I making a quilt?  A. That's a tricky question….let's just say I'm working on my squares.

Q. You're making a purse?  A. When I was in Hawaii I had so many people ask me about the purse I was carrying….it was a purse that was quilted and I bought it at my sisters shop in Tennessee. (I had saved it for months just to use in Hawaii.)  I've since broken the handle and it's showing some age….so I'm going to attempt to make a new one :)  If you never see it you'll know I failed.  Here's a picture of the purse.


It looks like they used a Charm Pack to me….has anyone seen this fabric anywhere?

Have a great weekend!

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23 thoughts on “Birdie Fabric”

  1. I am so excited for you! Sewing a purse, making a quilt…er…quilt squares, and making flowers too!
    WOW!! I am also curious what your plan is with the Top Note Die. I hope you share some info/photos soon. I love that the Big Shot can be used for so many different applications for crafters!
    Thanks for sharing. Love the purse, and I can’t wait to see your attempt at it!!! Good or bad!

  2. Thanks for sharing, the fabric is beautiful. My mother sews and she loves her fabric, like I love the patterns in paper. We were just talking about that similarity last week. Can’t wait to see your success with the fabric! Debbi Hendricks

  3. Love your creations. I haven’t seen that particular fabric – will keep my eyes open as I am a quilter also. Keepsake Quilting, NH offers some nice strip collections and sq collections (jelly rolls/charm packs) -didn’t see this one though. Check out their website. Karen

  4. Hi,
    Since I am a quilter also, I can tell you the technique used on the purse is called Raq quilting. I can send you the directions, if you would like them. Very easy with great results. Love the purse and stillhopping you will post the directions for the flowers. Waiting anxiously!

  5. Hi Angie, love the fabric you picked out. The purse is very simple to make, it is just squares sewn together and then cut apart at the seems and washed and dried so that it has the “Rag” effect. I have made many childrens quilts this way, they are so warn & cuddly when made out of flannel. How generous of Nancy to be sending you the directions. You’ll be struttin’ your new purse in no time. As for fabric, I have a whole studio full, since I found stampin, it has just been sitting all alone waiting for me to come back. Poor lonely fabric. Last year I made Quilts for all of my Grown Kids for Christmas, boy was that something to pull off. I am taking a much needed break righ now, and exploring the world of stamping, which I have become just as obsessed about. Now I have a Stamp Room. Why is it that Quilting and Stamping seem to go hand in hand, and yet the housework still is not getting done. ha, ha. Just another excuse. My DH loves it, he is so proud of me. I can’t wait to see your first Quilt. You will fast become addicted, believe me when I tell you this, pretty soon you will have to go to a Quilt Store just to touch and feel the fabric. hee, hee. Better sign off now, before I scare you. Have a wonderful stamping, quilting, sewing day!

    Trish in Wisconsin

  6. I think your spotted fabric in this purse is alexander henry’s light bright fabric…they have done is with different color combos over the years…I’ve seen a citrus background, white background…several. I hope that helps! I knew I had seen this fabric…I think I had a babysling made out of it! I’m not sure what the stripe is…what you could probably do another alexander henry fabric stripe to match! I hope this helps!
    ps…I ordered figgy pudding fabric…I’m new to sewing too…but I’m going to try to make some of these flowers. What adhesive did you use to hold the flowers together while sewing?

  7. Love your bag, your flowers and your new fabrics so much that I bought them too. Now, I have to make them.
    I don’t know how you find time to make everything.
    Thanks for all your ideas:)


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