Bricks Quilt

Here’s a few of the bricks quilts I made over the years.

For the Bricks Quilt Quilt along you will need:

  • One Layer Cake
  • Two Charm Packs (solid color that matches Layer Cake).   For example I’m using Bella Solid White Charm Packs because it matches the Windermere Brenda Riddle Designs Moda Fabric.
  • I purchased 5 yards of backing fabric… but you could get by with 4-1/2.  I may add another row to mine if the fabric allows it.  My last Brick Quilt was 14 rows but that was because the fabric did not allow me to add another row (there were several solids pieces that could not be used because I couldn’t add a solid to a solid).
  •  1/2 yard of binding fabric.
  • You will use 35 of the Layer Cake squares and 70 Charm Pack squares.

Quilt measures:  64 x 72  if you make it 14 rows (you can make it larger or smaller depending on your rows).

We combined all four videos into one video now that the series is over.

The Bricks Quilt Along Series

Video 1

  • Make sure your Layer Cake and Charm Packs are turned on the correct side before you cut the fabric.
  • Cut 35 Layer Cakes at 5″ and each rectangle will measure 5 x 10 giving you a total of 70 (I cut all of mine because I may switch them out when I place it on my Design Wall).
  • Group all your rectangles by color (pinks, greens, grays, yellows, blues …etc).

Video 2

  • Make sure you have the charm squares facing the right direction.
  • Place one Charm Square on top of a Rectangle, right sides facing each other and sew a 1/4″ seam.
  • Chain sew them and when you’re done separate by cutting the threads.
  • Press the seams.
  • Optional:  Square up your rectangles.

Video 3

  • Place the rectangles on your design wall (you can use a bed, floor or table) and decide how you want it to look.  Special Note:  you do not have to group them by colors.  That’s just how I prefer mine … and by doing so my quilt will now be a tad smaller with 13 rows instead of 14.
  • Make sure  you alternate your fabric on each row … notice row one the white charm square is at the top … on row two the half layer cake is at the top.
  • Once you have it designed … take several pictures of your quilt wall  … just in case they fall down.

Video 4

  • Start with Row One and sew your rectangles together.
  • Remember to alternate your rows … my row one started with the Charm Square at the top … the 2nd row will start with the Layer Cake fabric at the top.
  • Repeat on all rows.

Video 5

  • Sew your rows together.
  • Start with row 2 and place it right sides facing each other, pin it and then take it to your sewing machine and sew a quarter inch seam down the right side.  Remove pins as you go.
  • Repeat this step on each row until you complete the Quilt Top.
  • Once the quilt top is complete measure it to determine how much fabric you need for the backing and binding (and batting if you’re long arm quilter doesn’t provide it).
  • Trim threads, press and starch quilt.

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