Flower Quilt Bag

Today I’m sharing a project that I made in 2011 (or was it 2010) and I somehow forgot to share it.

A few years back when I shared my Fabric Basket video I had several people ask me how I made the bag they could see in the picture (I had to tell them I had forgotten).

When I saw those files on my old computer I was so excited!!

The quality of my video is not good and the angle of my camera is not good. But…it does show how to make it from start to finish. Several of the items I used in this video are no longer available. But…you can use other products.

Here’s a recent picture…

I will attempt to remake this bag with current product in a few months and I will provide a free pdf once I remake it.

It’s hard to say “if you liked this video, give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my Sew Chic n Scratch channelbecause the quality is so bad. But, if you check out my more recent videos that may convince you (I hope)!!

Thanks so much ~ have a great day!

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