No Upside Down Prints on your Fabric Basket

That title is tricky! No Upside Down Prints on Your Fabric Baskets is my video for you today.

How to make a fabric basket directionally correct. In other words, your animals or prints will not be upside down.

Like this Grinch Fabric Basket.

I filmed this video because I get emails every week about how to use fabric with prints or animals. I’ve seen a snowman sideways, a cat upside down and even flowers upside down. This video will solve that issue for you!

Here’s the video tutorial…

Click on the image below to print the Free Printable…

Update November 17th: We’ve updated our PDF to include pictures but we also recommend watching the video.

Products used to make the No Upside Down Prints on your Fabric Baskets

I found the Christmas Grinch Fabric at our local Hobby Lobby store (I drove to two of the stores to buy in bulk).

Here’s another picture for ya…

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