Rag Quilt Purse

Good morning!

I'm super excited to show my purse…but I'll explain it a little first.  The first picture is off the Figgy Pudding Rag Quilt Purse made with the Scallop Square Die (it's not finished).  It's much easier to make them with the die because you can cut 8 squares at one time.  You need 38 squares and if you cut one at a time, that's 38 times :)  Here's the picture ……..

Scallop Square Figgy 

I need to add the handles and the closing strap & then wash it.  The next picture is of the first one I made……cute isn't it? I could do a little better in some areas but it's my first and I love it!!

Figgy Pudding Purse 

Some people choose to make their purses with six different fabrics…but I put my own twist on it & made it with only three. The next one I'll show you will have six……my baby sister is here this weekend and I took her to the fabric store to pick out her own fabric.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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p.s. I've loaded the Quilted Flowers video on You Tube…it should be processed and ready to view in a few hours.

p.s.s. oops, my 12 Weeks of Christmas newsletter did not go out this week….I'll explain more later and you can expect 2 of them this next week.  (The project I made is so stinkin cute but it requires a few hours of work before I can share it.)

28 thoughts on “Rag Quilt Purse”

  1. Great going girlie. The purse looks colorful and hip. You’ve got me thinking on how to tweek such a project. Like you I don’t sew, unless it is a small craft project. Still have valance material waiting to be made. Going on ten months now. Longer than a pregnancy!!

  2. What a lovely purse you’ve made.
    I’m really falling in love with it.
    Offcourse i LOVE purse’s.
    And this is sooooooooooo CUTE.
    I hope i can make one for myself too.
    And i can’t wait to see your video of making it.
    Have a wonderfull weekend and many more great idea’s to show us.
    I really love your blog and all your idea’s,video’s and photo’s.
    Thank you verry much.

  3. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I love the purse you made…….it is just fabulous! And the fabric………so cute. Thinking I NEED some of that lol.

  4. oh my gosh that bag is awesome!!! i have my fingers crossed you will consider doing a tutorial on the process very soon! maybe i can get the fabric cut and get my hubby to sew it all together! hee … now that would be a special bag!

  5. Really, really cute Angie. Love the fabric you picked. That is going to look wonderful after it is washed. Now you are well on your way to a quilt. Just think baby size here. I would love to see a video on your purse and how you made it. Great, fantastic job, Girlie. Have a happy stamping / sewing day!

    Trish in Wisconsin

  6. Angie, I love it! you did a beautiful job. I hope you can share a video on how to do it. I so want one 🙂

    Where did you find the Figgy Pudding fabric?


  7. OMG! this is adorable…I am a visual person…please please please post a video.

    I am new at all this and you are so creative..thank you for taking the time to do a video on your project.


  8. Absolutely Adorable Purse!! Kudos and I am just loving the BG material?? Where on earth do you find BG material?? I am anxiously awaiting your Video Tutorial..
    Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with all of us…

  9. I just have to tell you !!!!! I have my purse almost completely finished. Just have to make handles and do the cutting for the fringe. Oh Angie, I never would of attempted this or even thought of it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I will post photos to my blog when it is finished (probably next week as I work, plus have workshops to do).


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