Rag Quilt Purse part two

Just a quick update…..Part two of the Rag Quilt Purse is ready.  Click here to head over to You Tube to watch it.  I'll load it on my Chic n Scratch Live! website as soon as I get a chance but I need to finish the typed instructions first. I'll try to have those finished tomorrow.

I've had a few ladies question if I'm going to get back to stamping and I just want to assure you I love stamping and of course I'm going to continue offering everything I have in the past.   But getting our house ready and making all these decisions are draining (I could have used several words but draining sounds good).  So, right now Quilting has become a life saver.  It brings me peace and makes me happy and I can sit at the machine & sew when my brain and my body is too exhausted to do anything else. 

Who has a Kindle?  Who wants a Kindle?  Who has it on their Christmas wish list?  The reason I ask is my next sewing project is going to be a bag for my Kindle…..I hope it works out.  I don't have a patten but I'm thinking I can make one 🙂

Have a great night!!

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p.s. I'm giving the Figgy Pudding Rag Quilt Purse to one lucky winner the first week of December.  Everyone that places a Stampin' Up! order with me in November will have their name entered to win….and stay tuned for a double entry opportunity.

11 thoughts on “Rag Quilt Purse part two”

  1. I’m glad you are enjoying quilting! That is my other BIG hobby, in fact our local guild quilt show just ended tonight!(I made bookmarks for everyone that entered a quilt, using the tag big shot punch with the scallop edge, along with the quilting stamp set… I thougth they turned out cute!)The thing I like about stamping is that they are short term projects, rather than quilted/sewing things that tend to take longer. I just saw a neat “jacket” for kindle in a quilting magazine, but don’t remember which one. Ah, as I was typing, I thought of where it might be… it is on page 67 of the January 2010 Quilters Home magazine. It was in the mailbox yesterday.

    I hope everything goes well for your move.

    Thanks for sharing your time and talents so generously with us!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to make these two videos. With trying to sell a house, move and re-settle, you are an amazing individual. Looking forward to purchasing the instructions when they are ready!

  3. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time Angie and I love seeing what you are creating next whether it be cardstock orientated or whether it be quilting, you are still creating and thats what it is all about my friend. Now I want a chance to win that awesome figgy pudding bag but you cannot accept orders from Australia lol.
    Take care

  4. Angie

    I think that the quilt videos are great! The ideas that you give all of us are wonderful and we are learning whether it is quilting or stamping. I just love it!


  5. Thanks for preparing and sharing these videos with us, Angie. They are awesome. I have been stockpiling fabric and I am ready to create flowers and purses (maybe even a baby quilt for grandbaby #5 scheduled to arrive Christmas day!). Now I just need to dig out my sewing machine from under all the stamping supplies.

  6. I’m luvin’ these quilting projects! I “almost” think I might tackle making a rag quilt purse, now Ü
    I bought my husband the first edition Kindle for his birthday last year. “I” used it so much he bought me the newer version for my birthday this year. He liked mine so much more than he bought himself the same version as mine…now we gotta sell his first one Ü
    They are just fantastic, aren’t they?! And I already spotted that adorable quilted bag for it on your blog. Think my Hubbie would like a quilted bag to put his in? Ü I could make it “manly” with Rambo fabric, huh?!

  7. You are fantastic! I love your site…..you showcase all
    of my favorite crafts. Thank you so much for sharing all your
    time and talents:)


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