Tabletop Ironing Board

I’m excited to share the Dave and I are making Tabletop Ironing Boards!! And, we have a few in stock that’s ready to ship.

I’ve had so many people ask me about my ironing board that I bought on Etsy. But the lady that sold them has closed her shop and no longer sells them. So, I ask Dave if he would help me and he said yes. I’m not sure how long we’ll offer them but we’re starting with five and all the details are below.

  • It measures 24 inches by 18 inches and is a little over 1/2″ thick.
  • The boards are made with 1/2″ plywood.
  • Each board is covered with the following three layers:
  1. Insul-Bright Insulated Lining
  2. Batting 80/20
  3. Canvas fabric (My Happy Place by Lori Holt)

A 12″ x 18″ cutting mat fits perfectly on top but the cutting mat is not included.

If you decide to order a tabletop ironing board …the cost of shipping is not cheap!! But I’m selling them for only $2 more than what I paid a few years ago.

Our cost is $97 with free shipping and we do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii due to the shipping cost.  If you live in one of those states and want to pay the actual shipping cost, please contact us. 


Fine Details:

**Be careful when placing the tabletop ironing board on your dining room table, the fabric is attached with staples and we’ve hammered them in but you will need to be careful.  We suggest adding felt pads to the bottom or drawer liners work too.**

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