Tons of Quilted Flowers :)

Since I'm new to this quilting thing I'm like a kid in a candy store.  The fabric & the sound of the sewing machine….it's all so exciting!  It's just so amazing that I can make these all by myself :)  Once you get started I bet you can't make just one.  So far all I've done is make the flowers…the next step is to add the ribbon.  Once I do that they're finished.  You can add these flowers to your bag, presents & even make hair barrettes.

Quilted Flowers misc

Quilt Flowers bunches

The fabric in the picture below is Figgy Pudding and I bought the charm packet at Quilters Haven in Olathe, Kansas.  Love the terminology….layer cakes and charm packets.

Figgy Pudding flowers

Here's the picture is of the flower that Jill gave me at Founders Circle.

Jill's Flower

The next picture is the back side.

Jill's flower back

Supply list:  Flower Fold Die, Big Shot Die Cut Machine, Pumpkin Pie 1 1/4 Grosgrain Ribbon, Circles #2 Die, Quilting Spray Adhesive, Batting & Fabric

See ya tomorrow!

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17 thoughts on “Tons of Quilted Flowers :)”

  1. Ok, I love these!!! So, are you using a regular sewing machine or is there some specialty sewing machine that makes those leaf looking stitches in the center. I absolutely love these! I don’t sew. Straight lines, maybe. Is this really a beginner type project? If you keep this up you are going to have to create a blog for your sewing crafts to go with your paper craft blog and your MDS blog! You are so inspirational! I love visiting your blog each day just to see what magical ideas you have next!

  2. Ummm, Angie…you ARE going to show us how to make these, right? I had no idea they were so cute! Is the center the circles #2 die or the scalloped circles #2 die? I definitely need the Flower Fold Die now…I just THOUGHT I could live without it!

  3. Since I also have a large fabric collection and this Flower Fold die, I am so ready to make these. Way too cute! Where is the circle #2 used? It appears that you make a hole in the center and run the ribbon through it,leaving a knot in the middle? Thank you for the inspiration and hoping you will post directions. Pretty please

  4. Love, Love, Love these!!!! You did a great job on your flowers. I hope you will do a class on these. The flower die is on my list now!!!

  5. These are awesom!! Never put much thought into using my fabric scraps with the die cuts for my paper projects! Just wondering – is the large flower a big enough size to fit a sweet treats cup?

  6. Oh my goodness!!! I LOVE these!!! I sew a little but I cannot figure out how the #2 circle die comes in to play, and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see a tutorial, PLEASE!!!
    Thanks so much for the inspiration, sharing:)

  7. You are one talented lady Angie.
    These are so pretty. If I add one more hobby to my list, I may never get any house work done and I might become a hermit (hee hee).

  8. Angie, these flowers are just TOO STINKIN’ CUTE!!! And your choice of fabric is perfect. Okay, I’ll be waiting for the video for some pointers…

  9. Oooohhh, I think I might have to send you a bribe package so you’ll make a tutorial on these lil’ beauties! (Hint, Hint) I luv ’em Ü
    I haven’t sewn anything since high school, so I can’t imagine what mine would even look like Ö

  10. i would love to know how to make these quilted flowers, they are adorable. I could make hairbows with them.
    posted by:Christine Holladay Oct.21, 2009 at 1;24 pm


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